BRuX All-in-One Pour Over Coffee System


BRuX is based on a simple concept: Flavor and convenience shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. So, Boco put the pour-over flavor you’d expect from your favorite coffee shop into a system that’s as adventure ready as you are. The tasteful and simple design makes brewing a breeze and stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle ensures that your coffee stays hot for hours. It’s on-the-go convenience with countertop quality flavor.

  • BREW AND DRINK FROM 1 DEVICE: Smooth pour-over style coffee, compact storage game (brew cone retracts inside the bottle for portability), and vacuum insulated SST bottle makes this the most versatile pour-over brewer on the market!
  • DESIGNED WITH ADVENTURE IN MIND: We love camping. So, NO glass means it's made for packing with the rest of your gear to brew a fine cup when you reach your destination. Retractable design that collapses into itself equals NO wasted space.
  • ASSEMBLY THAT'S A BREEZE: Three parts that fit together and stays together. We’ve taken messy mesh filters and flimsy stems out of the equation. 
  • NO MESS TO CLEAN UP: Just toss out the used coffee filter. We leave the messy cleanup and complex assemblies to the other guys.
  • ELEGANT AND ORIGINAL DESIGN: We went through nearly a year of brainstorming and 30 variations in order to bring you a coffee system that’s truly unique.
  • PATENTED: With our patented design, it’s a safe bet that you won’t find the same stylish functionality anywhere else.