So, we did it. We launched the long awaited BRuX brewer...our take on the pour-over coffee system that packs countertop quality flavor in an ultra-portable system. With another Kickstarter under our belts, we came out on the other end a little wiser with added motivation to continue innovating in order to launch our next 2-3 products this year.... Read More

Energy drinks, double mocha Frappuccinos, bitter little concoctions promising five hours of energy – is this the price we pay to be productive in today’s society?

It doesn’t take a scientist to know that loading up on caffeine and sugar – let alone ingredients that sound better suited to chemistry text books than a drink’s nutrition label – is unsustainable.

So what’s sleep-deprived go-getter supposed to do?

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Tea. Second to water, it’s the most popular drink on Earth.

But so what?

This is the same kooky world in which soccer is the most popular sport. And just as you may have noticed these United States catching World Cup fever (symptoms include office pools, painted hooligans signing in the streets, and impromptu car horn melodies during sleeping hours) we are now starting our belated love affair with tea.

Tea’s rise has been nothing short of astronomical, and it shows no ... Read More