KLiP Tea Brewer


Do you want to brew tea without that unsightly tea basket dripping all over a saucer? On second thought, who wants a saucer just lying around? This is why the Boco Design team used our noggin to patent the KLiP with an integrated drip-catcher and a clip-able profile allowing you to sip while brewing!! Now you can enjoy your brew without worrying first about where to discard the wet tea leaves. Simply flip it over when brewing is finished, the KLiP will catch the drips!

What is KLiP?

The easiest way to brew your favorite tea blends. Clip-able profile lets you steep and sip to taste. Delicious tea every time!!

  • Built-in saucer means you won't lose it
  • Designed to sip while tea is brewing
  • Snugly fits practically any size mug
  • Great for both loose-leaf or bagged tea
  • Utility Patents Pending

All-In-One Single Serve Tea Infuser.

Convenience is the ultimate luxury. The KLiP brewer hooks onto most standard mugs and it's unique shape allows you to sip while brewing!! When your tea is just right, simply remove it and then flip it over. The inbuilt saucer will catch and retain the liquid. Now you can brew your loose leaf or bagged tea anywhere without waiting near a kitchen sink or waste basket before fully enjoying your brew.

    • KLiP the all-in-one brewer [50 seconds].

      KLiP - Use it anywhere [1 minute 10 seconds].