Our Inspiration for the BRuX Pour Over Coffee Brewer

So, we did it. We launched the long awaited BRuX brewer...our take on the pour-over coffee system that packs countertop quality flavor in an ultra-portable system. With another Kickstarter under our belts, we came out on the other end a little wiser with added motivation to continue innovating in order to launch our next 2-3 products this year.

But how did we get here? Why the BRuX and what sparked our imagination to whip up another patent-able idea that we spend nearly a year on?

Well, Fathom wrote a piece on us regarding rapid prototyping and this was the answer we gave them:

"...As rock climbers, we noticed many of our friends bringing along glass French presses to brew coffee during our weekend long excursions. We found this preposterous, and knew there had to be a better way of making fresh coffee out in remote locations. At first, we didn’t know what we wanted to create, but we knew that it had to be different than anything else out there. Most notably we knew that it had to be durable, vacuum-insulated, and compact. We were also partial to a pour-over brewer since we felt that this provided superior flavor compared to anything else out there..."

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